MedFlash offers remote support sessions to assist in troubleshooting and training. These sessions must be initiated by a MedFlash support technician. However, each session must be approved by you before a technician has access to your computer. Once the connection is established, you can grant full permissions or view only permissions to the support technician. You will be able to see and interact with the support technician throughout the session and can cancel the session at any time. All sessions are completely encrypted and secure.

  • The temporary agent used to handle the connection is completely uninstalled at the end of the session
  • Remote support is available for any operating system, from anywhere in the world
  • Support staff can not connect to your machine without your knowledge
  • You must be present throughout the remote session.

"We love MedFlash!"

Whether traveling or at home, MedFlash allows you and your family to always have your Health and Lifestyle Information at their fingertips. With MedFlash Personal Health Manager's I.C.E (In Case of Emergency), you have four critical access points

  • Emergency secure Internet Portal
  • Emergency SmartPhone Mobile Access
  • Emergency USB Drive - (optional)

A MedFlash Membership is affordable and secure.

  • $24.95 - 1 year
  • $39.95 - 2 Years
  • $59.95 - 3 Years
  • $199.95 - Lifetime

When Seconds Count, MedFlash is your first responder, protecting you against medication errors and other life threatening events.