MedFlash Testimonials

Just a quick note to let you know that I have recommended MedFlash to my patients.

As an internist I feel this invaluable for patients.

It clearly helps to relay accurate up to date medical information for patients and is essential for continuity of care, health care cost reduction, and most importantly, may actually be able to SAVE LIVES!

I recommend this whole heartedly without any reservations.

Dr. K,
Stuart, FL

As an Emergency Physician, I have spent over two decades caring for patients with limited information. Too frequently, a patient does not know their medication, their allergies or their doctors phone number.

In an emergency, decisions must be made quickly and if the available information is limited the decision may be incorrect or incomplete.

MedFlash is a simple device that I have had the pleasure of using in real life situations. Every ER has a computer and if the patient is wearing a MedFlash, I know I can find out their medical history in an instant. Even when the patient is unconscious, I look for a MedFlash that would unlock the patients history.

If every patient was wearing a MedFlash, the job of the Emergency Physician would be much easier, and the patient would receive the best care.

Dr. A,

Oklahoma City, OK

I am a Nurse that has diabetes and just had a cardiac bypass.

I recently had to call the Paramedics and used my Emergency MedFlash Printout.

I am so grateful as my MedFlash helped the Medics quickly complete my health profile. It gave me peace of mind knowing my health information was readily at my finger tips for the paramedics and nurses in the emergency room.

I never leave home without my MedFlash and want to thank the folks at Connectyx for this wonderful product.

Amanda S, RN
Palm City, FL

I developed a severe cardiac problem about 9 years ago. After many surgeries, I was finally cleared to ride my motorcycle. I have two motorcycles, for touring I ride a 2006 Honda ST1300 and for cruising in town I ride a 2003 Triumph Bonneville America. The type of riding I enjoy is long distance solo riding. I will average 600 miles on a weekend and each year take a 3,000 mile cross country trip.

Because of my complicated cardiac history there was never anyway to carry sufficient medical history with me on my motorcycle trips until I discovered MedFlash. I spent 15 minutes entering my medical history into the device and now know wherever I am I have my complete medical history in my pocket.

Because of my medical condition, if I get into trouble or have an accident and become incapacitated and need to go to the Emergency Room they would be able to obtain this complicated medical history with my MedFlash in my pocket. Not only do they have my history but they also have all my physicians names and phone numbers and most important the list of medications I respond to.

This small device has given more confidence to tackle long distance touring and get back into the saddle and spend time in my helmet.

Mark L,
Palm City, FL

Im writing to let everyone know about a useful product thats perfect for those of us that have medical conditions. This product Im speaking about is called "MedFlash".

This device is special software built into a USB flash drive. When you connect this MedFlash device into one of your USB ports on your PC you will have to run the installation of the software so it installs to your computer. This is to let you type in all of your data so it can be loaded into the data file on the MedFlash.

Once everything is loaded, the results will come out to be as a txt document which any medical person you become associated with will be able to read with any word processor.

I do want to note for visual impaired users with speech synthesizers that this software thats on this device will work nicely with Window-eyes and Jaws. I know this because Im using one for myself and theres another visual impaired person whos using Jaws thats also successfully using one. This device will work with any windows operating system thats at least 2000 and above.

MedFlash can be worn around your neck with the supplied chain or on a key chain. Theres frequent up dates to the software with new features and fixes.

Another great feature about the MedFlash is that your doctor can up date your medical information for you.

Otis B

I am a sixty-one year old woman who has a very complicated medical history. Since 1987, I have had three separate types of cancer, a liver transplant, diabetes, high blood pressure, a digestive disorder, thyroid problems, and severe neuropathy of the hands and feet.

I wear a medical alert bracelet, but it is not sufficient enough to hold all of my medical information. Due to the lack of information a medical alert bracelet can hold, I have always carried a piece of paper containing all of my information. However, I've always worried, if in a medical emergency, that medical personnel would not discover this information in my wallet.

MedFlash is a remarkable tool. More than I had expected. This small device can hold all of my updated information including my medical history, emergency contacts, medications, physicians, X-Rays, and CAT scans.

I love my MedFlash device because it is very easy to carry on my key chain and because it is so noticeable. Because of its unique design and strong color scheme, it is the first thing that people notice on my key ring.

The MedFlash is so vital to me. I feel at ease, confident, and protected knowing if I were ever in an emergency situation that this wonderful device could save my life. It's like having a guardian angel with me at all times.

I highly recommend MedFlash to anyone who needs such a device. They won't be disappointed for taking advantage of this high-tech medical marvel.

Carol H,
Pittsburgh, PA

I recently purchased a MedFlash unit and would like to share with you my impressions of this product.

I have several disabilities including heart (bypass surgery and pacemaker), kidney (hemodialysis), and insulin dependent diabetes. These involve taking some 25 medications each day and seeing 12 physicians from time-to-time. Keeping related information at hand has always been very difficult. And, in case of emergency, critical data would probably not be available at all.

MedFlash has solved that problem for me. The small size of the unit allows me to wear it around my neck on a chain. The large capacity holds all my pertinent medical information (conditions, medications, allergies, physicians, procedures, hospitalizations, various medical documents, emergency contacts, etc).. The software program in the unit makes entering / changing data very simple and well organized. Most of all, it gives me peace of mind knowing that valuable medical information is readily available to physicians, hospital personnel, paramedics, all times.

I highly recommend MedFlash for anyone with a medical history which may require information recall on a moment's notice.


It was used when the Paramedics arrived at my mother's home and found her unconscious, and my father had enough sense to give them the MedFlash and the card to access her information. They plugged it into their laptop and there was all the information they needed to attend to her, notify her physician and get her to the correct hospital.

I feel confident knowing that my 84 yr old mother has this in her purse at all times when they are out and about. My father is 88 and is hard of hearing and understanding as well. Now he knows if anything happens to Mom to give the MedFlash and card to the person attending to her. This better than any cell phone 911 when they are traveling.

By far this is the best investment I could have made for my senior parents and myself. I have so many conditions that are life threatening they need to be present in one little item like this MedFlash.

Get one today if you haven't done so already.

Bonnie J

"We love MedFlash!"

Whether traveling or at home, MedFlash allows you and your family to always have your Health and Lifestyle Information at their fingertips. With MedFlash Personal Health Manager's I.C.E (In Case of Emergency), you have four critical access points

  • Emergency secure Internet Portal
  • Emergency SmartPhone Mobile Access
  • Emergency USB Drive - (optional)

A MedFlash Membership is affordable and secure.

  • $24.95 - 1 year
  • $39.95 - 2 Years
  • $59.95 - 3 Years
  • $199.95 - Lifetime

When Seconds Count, MedFlash is your first responder, protecting you against medication errors and other life threatening events.